Young Adult

"Among the Shades of Gray"
21 Days of Grace, 2015


Nikki has ruined everying--again. She helfted a bag over her shoulder and crawled out the window. She needed to go somewhere safe, somewhere familiar, a place where he new adoptive parents would never find her. After today, she knew they would send her back--just like the others had. 


About the Book: 


Christians have long loved devotionals, but today’s Christians are also developing a strong love for fiction. They want to read stories about characters they can relate to, who experience situations similar to their own, and learn from those examples how to live out their faith. For them, life lessons are more easily absorbed this way. Edited by Kathy Ide, 21 Days of Grace is a collection of engaging, inspirational short fiction stories. Like Jesus’ parables, these stories deal with important life issues in a subtle, unpressured manner. And, as Jesus did, the authors follow up with life applications based on the stories, suggesting how the inherent lessons can be applied to the reader’s daily life.


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