Creative Writing Workshops

helping youth discover a passion for writing...


One of my passions is to help children and youth discover a love for writing. I offer one-on-one tutoring sessions as well as group workshops in creative and academic writing on a variety of topics throughout each year. All workshops include instruction, exercises, and an opportunity to complete a writing project. Workshops are typically offered in age-appropriate groups for one-hour sessions over the course of four weeks. Teen and adult groups have the option of a one four-hour class. Online workshops are available upon request.


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Creative Writing for Students


As students move into upper elementary school, they are able to express stories in greater depth and with more vivd detail. Concepts include using the five senses and showing instead of telling.


Ages:   Grades 4-6




  • Ideads are Everywhere

  • Creating Memorable Characters

  • Setting

  • Plot Development

  • Creative Non-Fiction: The Narrative Essay

  • Writing Realistic Fiction

  • Genre Writing: Mysteries

  • Genre Writing: Action & Adventure Stories

  • Genre Writing: Sci Fi & Fantasy

  • Poetry Writing

  • Editing and Rewriting


Young Storytellers


Children love to tell stories, even before they can read and write! This workshop is created especially for young storytellers who cannot write but love to tell stories through art and pictures with a beginning, middle and end. 


Ages:   Kindergarten & Grade 1



Creative Writing for Teens


As storytelling becomes more complex, workshops will focus on developing complex characters, greater tension, themes, and subplots. Students will begin creating longer pieces of work, which they can continue working on revising. 


Ages:   Grades 7-12




  • Ideas are Everywhere

  • Creating Memorable Characters

  • Drama & Dialogue

  • Journalism for Students

  • Photography for Writers

  • Editing and Rewriting

  • Opinion Writing: Reviews & The Argumentative Essay

  • Sharing Faith Through Words: Writing Devotions

  • Theraputic Writing for Teens



Beginning Writers


As early elementary students, children have a great opportunity to capture their imagination into words and pictures on a page. These classes will focus on the basic concepts of storytelling.


Ages:   Grades 2-3




  • Ideas are Everywhere

  • Storytelling Basics: Character, Setting, & Plot

  • Genre Writing: Fables & Fairy Tales

  • Poetry Writing





The CW Club 


The Creative Writing Club for students is a fun place to meet others and write! Each get-together will include something new about writing, writing prompts, and an opportunity to share your writing with others. 


Ages:   Grades 4-6 



The Write Spot for Teens


The Write Spot is a place for teens to get together to learn from and encourage other teens in their writing. Although moderated by a professional writer, this group will be designed and led by teens. 


Ages:   Grades 7-12 



Emerging Professional Writers


Adults who are interested in writing professionally are invited to pariticipate in workshops focusing on writing specifically for publications. These classes will be designed on an as-needed basis, upon request.


Ages:   Adults (College & Beyond)




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