National Novel Writing Month

November 2, 2018



It's National Novel Writing Month! Are you ready to take the challenge? 


If you haven't heard of it, there is just one simple rule: For the month of November, write every day (as much as you can) with the goal of completing a 50,000-word novel by the end of the month. Simple? Yes. Easy to accomplish? Not so much. 


Writing a novel isn't as simple as writing non-stop for 30 days. Writers must consider plot, structure, character, and a slew of other things to craft a good novel. However, what the National Novel Writing Month challenge does is GET YOU WRITING. At the end of the month, the goal is to have a draft of something that you can work with throughout the year. 


Still, the task is anything but simple. Unless you are a full time writing, most of us have busy lives and carving the time out to write is difficult. This is where discipline comes in. Set aside a time each day to write and stick to it. Many studies claim that it takes 30 days to create a habit. If anything, take the challenge to help you get into the habit of writing every day. Writing professionals say that writers only improve as they write more and more and more. So make a plan and get writing. 


National Novel Writing Month has a website you can join to track your word count. Writers can connect with other writers to create a team that will hold them accountable to write every day.


If you are interested, check it out at:





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CAROLYN BENNET FRAISER is a published writer and creative writing instructor in Brevard, North Carolina, where she enjoys helping youth find their passion for writing. 

Carolyn is available to speak to children and youth about creative writing at your school or special event. 

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