Dream Big

January 5, 2018



Take a moment to sit down and dream. As writers, we must take time out each year to refocus. January is the perfect time to do just that. What is your dream? 


Every success begins with a first step. Writing successes are no different. Writers of both fiction and non-fiction take time to visualize what they want to accomplish each year and where they would like to take their writing. That's dreaming. Plans follow the dreams. And successes follow the hard work put into each plan. 


Notice that last sentence. Thinking about your dream doesn't make it come true. Hard work is necessary. But often, dreaming is where is all begins. Dream about your story ideas. Dream about your main characters. Dream out the stories, books, articles that are begging to be written. Dream about yourself as a writer. Just dream. Then put legs to that dream. Hard work IS necessary to make those dreams come true. 

WRITING PROMPT:  Get away to a quiet place. Take time to dream about your writing. What do you want to accomplish this year? What habits do you want to create? What are your goals? Write them down so you don't forget about them. Then, on another sheet of paper (or in your notebook), make a plan. What must you do to accomplish those goals? What is the first step? The next step? The step after that? Write those down and place your plan somewhere where it's visible and easy to access. Then take that first step.

Throughout the year, when you get frustrated or don't seem motivated. Review your list and dream again. Keep going. You can do it. 




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CAROLYN BENNET FRAISER is a published writer and creative writing instructor in Brevard, North Carolina, where she enjoys helping youth find their passion for writing. 

Carolyn is available to speak to children and youth about creative writing at your school or special event. 

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