Book Review: Wish

November 24, 2017


Making a wish every day since the fourth grade has been easy, until now. If anyone deserved to have her wish come true, it was eleven-year-old Charlie. With a father in jail and a mother who seemed not to care, Charlie had been plucked out of her home and placed in foster care to live with family she barely knows in the mountains of North Carolina. But when she finds a skinny, stray dog she names Wishbone and gets to know to a friendly neighbor, Charlie begins to find friendship right where she is. 


Barbara O'Connor's Wish is anything but a Disney "wish-upon-a-star" novel. She captures the internal struggle and turmoil faced by so many foster children, who struggle to find their place in often strange worlds. Charlie's desperation to see her wish come true pushes her to carry out the most bizarre wishing rituals and invites us all to ask the question: How far will we go to see our wishes come true? 


As writers (and readers), we often immerse ourselves in strange new worlds, writing or following characters who are trying to find their place and purpose right where they are. Think about a time when you have gone to great lengths to see a wish come true. What did you do? What happened afterwards? Now, think about the character in your current writing project. What is her greatest wish? What will he do to make that wish come true? What happens as a result? Write it down. 


Be sure to check out Wish at your local library. 

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CAROLYN BENNET FRAISER is a published writer and creative writing instructor in Brevard, North Carolina, where she enjoys helping youth find their passion for writing. 

Carolyn is available to speak to children and youth about creative writing at your school or special event. 

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