Moon Rising

October 18, 2019




Halloween is just a few weeks away, and the weather is finally cooling down. October has been filled with writing opportunities on topics ranging from fall to Halloween to the upcoming holidays. While I don't have time to enter every single one, I did enter the KitLit Fall Frenzy contest hosted by author Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez. 


The challenge? Write a story (or poem) in less than 200 words about one of the photos she provided in one week. I accepted the challenge and chose the photo pictured above. Those who know me well will not be surprised that I chose a photo with a cat! Anyway, I wanted to share the poem I wrote with a simple photo as inspiration -- complete at 173 words.


What would YOU write about this photo? Can you do it using less than 200 words? Feel free to share your creative muses in the comment field below. I look forward to reading them! 


Happy writing! 





by Carolyn Bennett Fraiser


Shadows play

across the floor,

as the breeze

dances with trees


the rising moon.


Ears twitch


to footsteps

beyond the great door,


for the right moment.


The key turns

and the hinges screech

like a night owl

in flight.

The moment is now!



Fur twists

between ankles.

Someone screams

as a darting tail

slips through cold fingers.


A shooting star

streaks across the sky –

Then, it’s gone.


Eyes glow

like two half moons

through tall grass and weeds,

Crouching low,



in treetops.


Claws grip

a rugged trunk


... Stretching,

... ... Climbing,

to that first branch

swaying in the breeze.

So different

than shadows

playing on the floor.


Higher and higher,


from limb to limb

through falling leaves

and scolding birds,

to treetops



Fireflies dim

as a tail swishes


No hidden treasure,

or tasty treats.

Just a large moon



Home waits,

So far below –

Where shadows play

Across the floor

and the breeze

dances with trees,


a wanderer’s silhouette

and the rising moon.


# # # # #






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CAROLYN BENNET FRAISER is a published writer and creative writing instructor in Brevard, North Carolina, where she enjoys helping youth find their passion for writing. 

Carolyn is available to speak to children and youth about creative writing at your school or special event. 

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