Middle Grades

SAMPLE STORY: "Homecoming"

Country Roads Magazine, 2010


The large cypress at the edge of the woods had been the perfect place for the tree house fort. Long intertwined branches held the platform sturdy in place. The walls rarely creaked, shielded from the road by a moss-covered curtain of leaves. From the west wall, Jeffrey could easily look down on the street yet still remain invisible. It was the perfect hide-a-way. But when a black car rolled down the dark road under the moon and a stranger stepped outstide, staring at his house, 10-year-old Jeffrey is forced to face his past and an uncertain future. 


About Country Roads Magazine: 

Since 1983, Country Roads magazine has reported on the culture and communities of the Great River Road region between Natchez, Mississippi, and New Orleans, Louisiana. The publication hosts a special fiction edition every summer, featuring the best short stories throughout the region. 


Availability: Edition is Out of Print

"Homecoming" is available for reprint in magazines or short story compilations. 

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